My name is Aldís Elfarsdóttir. An artist and academic, I look forward to hydrogen-powered aircraft.

I believe that creativity and climate action intersect in the design and implementation of climate solutions.

I am exploring this intersection in my life’s work, along with relationships and spirituality.

Aldís’ Studio

My studio is a space for academic study and artistic creation.

  • Primary activities:
    • Reading (tons)
    • Writing (non-fiction)
    • Studying (climate solutions)
  • Secondary activities:
    • Violin (playing, teaching)
    • Painting (oil on canvas)
    • Drawing (portraits)

Feel free to contact me at aldis @ aldis.studio.





Nuclear-Powered Carbon Sequestration

Green Buildings & Cities

Environmental Activism

Art & Creativity

Health & Nutrition

Love & Relationships

Professional Development

Mindset & Mental Health

Race Relations


Personal Story Development Workshop, July 13, 2021, Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment, Career Transitions Team


Art & Creativity

  • Emergent Strategy, Adrienne Maree Brown
  • The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron

Mindset & Mental Health

  • Field Guide to a Happy Life, Massimo Pigliucci
  • Feeling Good, Dr. David D. Burns

Eco Living

  • The (Almost) Zero Waste Guide, Melanie Mannarino
  • Living Without Plastic, Brigette Allen & Christine Wang

Relationships & Sexuality

  • Full Exposure, Susie Bright

Drawings & Paintings

Below is my latest oil on canvas painting.

Iceland Sunset, oil on canvas (AE 2021)

Many people have supported me via Patreon, Ko-fi and in other ways this year.

A big thank you to all of you and to my Patrons:

Patreon Portraits, AE 2020-2021