Hello! My name is Aldís (all-deese). I’m half-Icelandic, half-Macauan; a writer and researcher. I studied Environmental Science and Engineering at Harvard University and have worked mostly in climate related areas such as green buildings and cities. Starting in fall 2021, I will study Management Science and Engineering along the Energy and Environment track at Stanford University, for a PhD.

I see an intersection of creativity and climate work in the aesthetic articulation of research projects. I love reporting and presenting data analytics and results (Data Visualizations). I also play violin, paint, and write (Music, Art, Writing).

I hope you enjoy exploring my creative space. Please feel free to Contact me or check out my Community.


Attached is a resume of my most recent work history, in which I’ve applied data analytics and visualization to environmental problems and solutions. For more, please visit my LinkedIn page. The rest of this site is dedicated to my art things. This is here in case you found me through professional connections or networking 🙂

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  • We are raising 6 chickens ❤