Curious about my studio, support group, and how to stay in the loop? Here are some FAQs, shout-outs, and reviews.


Why do you make art?

I believe we all have multiple potentials. Art is one of my potentials; science is another. As I chase my muse and find my niche, I inspire others to pursue their many potentials.

The cycle of creation and inspiration is like the chicken and the egg because others inspire me to keep making art as I do other things. Let’s keep the cycle going!

How can I support you?

If you just want to stay in the loop on what I’m creating:
If you’d just like to contribute financially:
If you’d like to contribute financially AND stay in the loop on what I’m creating:

Shout Outs

First, a huge thank you to my Patrons and Ko-fi Givers:

And a hearty thank you to Jennifer Bafaro for her amazing website revamp suggestions! I highly recommend working with Jennifer as you develop your own creative website.

If you’d like to join my studio support group, click the icon below.


Welcome to the board of nice quotes and thank you notes 🙂

You have a way with color.

– Gustav Ferri, Concept Artist

I love your posts, especially your new collections.

— Astrophysics PhD Candidate

I got a 9 grade for my literature review and I want to thank you for your help with the report.

– MSc. Candidate, TU Delft

Love your beautiful work.

– Contracts & Grants Accountant, UC Berkeley

Seems that’s the color for you. Golden yellows with subtle green tones to make you shine as Aldís sees you.

– C. Knuchel, on a portrait of Robert James Koyich