Solo and collaborative violin playing

Listen to one of my violin solos

I started playing violin about 18 years ago, and studied first with Yin and Michiko Lin, Mrs. Carr, and eventually Prof. Mark Lakirovich and Emma Colligan at the Longy School of Music.

There and at the Cremona and Regensburg Music Academies, I met and played with a whole amazing cohort of chamber music and orchestra players. To name a few of our teachers, Esther Ning Yao, Michael Bonner, and Sophie Vilker. Thank you for your influential teaching and mentorship.

During college, I played with the awesome, conductorless River Charles Ensemble and occasionally the pit orchestra for Harvard College Operas.

Photo credits: RCE 2019 ❤

Listen to a collaborative session

Most recently, I’ve been moving into improvisational playing and collaborations with Noah Fechtor-Pradines. We met in the opening days of freshman year, college. Since our first improvisational experimentation in Matthews dorm practice rooms, we’ve started actually recording our latest creations and putting them out there.

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Interested in taking music lessons?

I teach violin! If you’re interested in taking lessons with me, feel free to reach out. 🙂